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An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Municipal Historical Museum


Ecija’s Municipal Historical Museum has allowed the city to recovery the Benamejí Palace -a magnificent example of 18th-century Ecijan Baroque, listed as a Historical-Artistic Monument. The extraordinary historical and archaeological heritage, both of the city and its municipal district can now be exhibited, preserved and remembered as one of the richest in Andalusia. 

The Museum has nine archaeological rooms where treasures of great artistic value are exhibited. These range from prehistory –an interesting selection of metallic objects and three warrior stelae- and protohistory –unique Tartessian silverwork known as “Placa de Écija”- to the extraordinary and fascinating collection of Roman artefacts excavated at Plaza de España, or Plaza el Salón and the “Amazona Herida” one of the best-preserved classical sculptures in the world. At two metres high, it still preserves traces of polychrome on the marble.

Ecija’s mosaic collection is one of the most outstanding in the West Roman Empire, due to its quality, variety and dimensions. Notable mosaics include the “Seasons of the Year”, the “Gift of Wine” or “Triumphant Bacchus” at Plaza de Santiago, which almost look like paintings.

The Museum also has objects from the post-Roman era, such as ceramics, architectural elements and other materials from the Visigothic and Islamic periods, a space dedicated to Andalusian irrigation systems, Islamisation and Muslim funeral rites.



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