turismo activo

Active tourism

Put yourself to the test in an unparalleled natural environment

Active tourism. Sports in nature

There are as many ways to enjoy nature as there are visitors to the province of Seville. Experience new adventures by land, air or water, alone or in a group. Put yourself to the test in an unparalleled natural environment.

Our network of Natural Areas, covering an area of more than 252,000 hectares, spread over twenty-three sites of outstanding beauty, offers an unbeatable variety of settings in which to practice your favourite activity or experience new sensations. Travel on foot, by bicycle or on horseback along the Camino de Santiago on the Mozarabic Route, the El Rocío trails in the Aljarafe, the mycological routes in autumn or go birdwatching and practice geo-tourism all year round. Try Nordic walking on our routes and trails, and if you like astronomy, enjoy night hiking with astronomical orientation.

Take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage or off-road vehicle. Learn to sail or canoe. Take part in the activities offered by the adventure and theme parks. And if you want tougher experiences, there are climbing, survival, rafting, jumping from solid structures, hang-gliding, canyoning and many other ways of feeling extreme thrills surrounded by nature. Experience any kind of adventure in the province of Seville.

Plain and mountain: we propose a circular tour of the province divided into 18 stages

Ride along trails and through beauty spots, learn to ride and participate in fairs and processions

Get to know the province of Seville step by step

Touching the sky: hot-air balloon, paragliding, bungee jumping

Journey to the Centre of Seville

Walk, climb, swim, descend natural slides, and finally plunge into the water

Guadalquivir: the best place for rowing

Treetop adventures for everyone, and much more

Seville is perfect for golf: unbeatable climate all year round and courses in beautiful surroundings

Seville, birds' paradise

Discover the deepest and brightest skies in the world's largest Starlight reserve

Everything you need to enjoy sport in nature