Seville, beautiful and diverse

This Shareholders-Cooperative was set up in 1985. It is centred on the ceramics industry. It produces hand-painted items, including pottery and tiles, company gifts and building material.

The El Postigo Municipal Crafts Market is an emblematic building located in the centre of Seville, next to the Arco del Postigo del Aceite, one of the most important gates of the twon and just a few metres away from the Cathedral and the Giralda. It is home to the unique El Postigo craft stalls.

The Ceramics Centre of Triana (CCT) is the materialisation of a municipal project designed to preserve the memory of one of the last ceramic factories that in operation in Seville until very recently.

Founded as a "Museum of Paintings" in 1835, it opened in 1841 with works from confiscated convents and monasteries, occupying the former Convent of La Merced Calzada, founded by San Pedro Nolasco after the conquest of Seville in 1248.

The Dehesilla Tower is located in the countryside, very close to the El Negro and Garci Bravo estates. The main façade of the rectangular tower is about ten metres wide and six metres deep. A stone ashlar foundation supports its thick, rammed-earth walls that are over 7 metres high. The door on the north side still remains, framed by stone ashlars.

This convent, which disappeared after Mendizábal's disentailment, remained standing until a few decades ago. After its demolition to make way for the present construction, only what was the front garden of the convent and the doorway of the church remain.