Cascadas del Hueznar

Seville enchants

It is the first silo in Spain to have been rehabilitated as a museum and visitor centre; being converted into a cultural infrastructure to interpret the landscape. This centre offers an activity for the interpretation of the building itself, integrated into its landscape context and directly related to the historical development of the town.

They present us with the Roots and Black Sounds of Flamenco, which sound like purity, extravagance, class, temperance and gypsy way of life.

It has a capacity of 50 people.

It has unique accessibility, both at the establishment level and in terms of location.

Ecija’s Municipal Historical Museum has allowed the city to recovery the Benamejí Palace -a magnificent example of 18th-century Ecijan Baroque, listed as a Historical-Artistic Monument. The extraordinary historical and archaeological heritage, both of the city and its municipal district can now be exhibited, preserved and remembered as one of the richest in Andalusia. 

This is the first silo in Spain that has been restored and used as a museum and visitor centre. It has become a cultural infrastructure for landscape interpretation. This centre offers activities to interpret both the building in its landscape context and the town’s history.