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Benamejí Palace


The Palace of the Marquises of Benamejí that currently houses Ecija’s Municipal Historical Museum is a landmark of the city’s 18th-century civil architecture. It precisely defines the unique form of the Baroque that developed in Lower Andalusia. 

The building, with an irregular plan, was constructed in the first third of the 18th century. The rooms have been partially affected by the renovations carried out in the early 20th century. However, the façades, carriage halt, courtyard and main staircase, stables, oratory and halls, as well as the private rooms, are still noteworthy. 

The monumental, main façade is built in brick. It is structured in three levels with a polychrome marble entrance in the centre and lookout towers at the ends. The monumental entrance in the centre of the façade brings variety and ornamental richness. 

Past the main entrance, the hall and courtyard with the carriage halt are accessed through a low, brick arch. The spectacular imperial-style staircase, covered with a dome on pendentives is at the front of the courtyard.

The central courtyard is also remarkable. It has a square plan and a double porticoed gallery with Tuscan marble columns that support semi-circular arches on the bottom floor and low arches on the upper one. A polygonal fountain sits in the centre of this courtyard.


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