Osuna Colegiata

Seville, beautiful and diverse

This monument is dedicated to a bullfighter from Villamanrique de la Condesa. The legend on the monument reads “To the famous bullfighter Pascual Márquez 1914-1941, his grateful town, Villamanrique. 1983”. It is located in the street where he was born that bears his name.

In 1731, a group of boys would walk through the streets singing the rosary “more for childish entertainment than true devotion”. Gradually, more people joined them until the Confraternity of the Servites was founded. The Church of Our Lady of Sorrows is the architectural gem of the Confraternity.

This temple, built in 1998, holds the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, donated by the Archbishop of Seville. This statue is the draft of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Tomares that was kept in Seville’s Cathedral.

This Shrine is dedicated to the image of Osuna’s patron saint, Saint Arcadius, who is taken in procession through the city every year on 12 January. The 17th-century church was renovated in the 18th century. The single nave shrine is covered by a barrel vault and the transept with a dome on pendentives.

The legend of the "Gallo de Morón" (Cockerel of Morón), who was neither a cockerel nor from the town of Morón, is well-known.

The Franciscan monastery of Corpus Christi founded by Juan Téllez Girón was built in 1541 and is still largely preserved today.

This is a single-nave building that shows classicist-style architectural features but with later alterations that detract from its original appearance. Currently, its interior is covered with a plasterboard ceiling.