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An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Nuestra Señora de Consolación Parish Church


The construction of the building took place in three different periods. The first was between the 14th and 15th centuries, when a Mudejar church was built with three naves, a polygonal apse and a façade-tower. The second stage began in 1538, when part of the previous work was demolished and the construction of a new Renaissance-type temple began, but this was never completed. The third phase took place in the second third of the 18th century, when the still existing sections of the original Mudejar church were renovated, roofing them with barrel vaults and lunettes and raising the side door.

The most outstanding features of the building are the façade-tower, made up of two clearly differentiated cores, with a gothic façade and, in the background, the interior of the Renaissance church, whose columns, topped by entablature cubes with reliefs of apostles and saints, are a fairly faithful copy of the supports used in the Main Sacristy of Seville Cathedral.

The building has an irregular floor plan, being the result of the merging of two constructions from different periods. It has a rectangular floor plan divided into two bodies of different width with three naves. The first section of the lower part of the central nave is occupied by the choir. Flanking the choir, in the epistle nave, is the baptismal chapel with a rectangular floor plan, and on the opposite side, toilets have been installed. In the second section, the side doorways are located, and the third section is occupied in the side naves by two columns with powerful buttresses that give way to the other part of the church.

This parish church is home to the Borriquita, El Cautivo, La Esperanza and Santo Entierro penitence brotherhoods. As a curiosity, this parish church would have needed to have one more column made on the inside in order to achieve the status of Cathedral.


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