Seville enchants

The Nuestra Señora de la Victoria Parish Church was initially the church of the Convent of the Minim Friars of St Francis of Paola. 

This Shrine is dedicated to the image of Osuna’s patron saint, Saint Arcadius, who is taken in procession through the city every year on 12 January. The 17th-century church was renovated in the 18th century. The single nave shrine is covered by a barrel vault and the transept with a dome on pendentives.

Inside the chapel are the images of San Antonio and San Pablo (18th century), from the now disappeared monastery of San Pablo de la Breña.

From the late 19th century, with a rectangular floor plan, its central nave is roofed by a half-barrel vault with ribbed arches and the two side naves by groin vaults.

The ensemble is a 17th century baroque building commissioned by Alvaro de Castilla in 1614 as a convent and hospital, to which the church is attached. 

The building has a single nave with no roof. The main chapel has a trapezoidal, eight-sided cross vault. There is a pointed triumphal arch and, on the Gospel side of the ante-chancel, a semicircular arch with a richly decorated archivolt. There is also an opening with a segmental arch.

This is a Mudejar building with three naves with modern roofs and a main chapel with ribbed vaults. In the left nave there is a doorway built over a semicircular arch.

This small shrine from the sixteenth or seventeenth century was likely built where a wayside cross was located –a common practice in those days. 

Inside is the 16th-century image of the Our Lady of Sorrows. In the 18th century, the Chapel was covered with a ribbed vault, which is still preserved.