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Flor de Cazalla Handmade Cheese Factory


Flor de Cazalla Handmade Cheese Factory



This is a traditional family cheese factory founded in 2016 and located in the San José Farm in Cazalla de la Sierra. They have their own herd of goats of the Florida breed and make cheese with fresh milk, without colourings and preservatives and with a natural edible rind.

They offer square cheeses made from raw milk with and without vegetable rennet, white cheese, cottage cheese and a cream cheese available in three flavours: natural, Iberian ham and caramelised red pepper.

The unique feature of the cheese factory is that it is attached to the farm itself, which is the only supplier of the milk used, which complies with the strictest health standards.

Description of the tour

After milking, the milk is transferred to a cooling tank where it is stored until it is processed. The cheese factory is powered by renewable energy such as sunlight and has a strictly controlled waste management system, being strongly committed to environmental conservation. For example, the whey from the cheese production is used in animal feed; the wastewater is channelled through a pipeline to an artificial wetland where it evaporates little by little and which also has aquatic plants that help this process, without leaving any waste in the environment.

We make our cheeses in the traditional way as our ancestors did, but with the strictest health standards.

Our cheese factory can be reached by car or via footpaths. On the tour, visitors will be shown our Seville Florida breed goats, the milking process and the subsequent processing of the milk, and the visit will conclude with a tasting of our products; with the option of attending a cheese making workshop.

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