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Cortijo El Puerto


IngeOliva, S.L. acquired the parent farm in July 2012. In 2016, Ingealmendro S.L. expanded it further. Both companies are owned by the De la Torre Liébana family from Jaén, with a long-standing olive growing tradition. The Cortijo el Puerto was the ideal setting for building a community where flora and fauna would live in perfect harmony to produce organic food with high nutritional value.

Cortijo el Puerto is based on two principles, which, in turn, are challenges and commitments; firstly, sustainable, biodiversity-based, organic production and, secondly, innovation through precision agriculture.

Situated in the heart of the River Guadalquivir valley, with over two hundred and twelve hectares, the farm has one hundred thousand bushes along its perimeter, and over two hundred and eighty thousand organic, biodynamic trees, primarily olive and almond, both in traditional proven cultivars and new varieties for this cultivation system.

All plantations are based on R+D+i and Precision Organic Farming techniques. Additionally, this farm sells six monovarietal olive oils in different formats with innovative designs. Each variety is associated to a local animal, which is why it is called farm collection. It is undoubtedly a benchmark in the production of top quality organic extra virgin olive oil.

A newly established farm based on organic and precision farming. Innovative olive and almond groves coexist in a dreamlike ecosystem with other crops in perfect harmony with nature.

Description of the tour

Visitors can discover different animal species (rabbits, partridges, geese, chicken, sheep, donkeys, and birds), habitats for beneficial insects (bees, bumblebees, ladybirds, lacewings) and plants (staggered flowering plant cover, shrubs, etc.).

This flora and fauna live alongside the main crops on the farm: different single-variety olive and almond trees, and, to a lesser extent, fruit trees (citrus, fig trees). The different organic varieties and cultivation systems focus on natural biological control to the greater benefit of our healthy star products: extra virgin olive oil and almonds. An R+D+I farm that coexists with our network of insect hotels.

In short, a fascinating visit for tourism and environmental education to learn first-hand about the sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation system that surrounds us, while enjoying an exceptional culinary experience. During your visit, you will learn how to taste and pair different single-variety olive oils.

Aside from the visit to the Cortijo, the groves and the facilities where you will learn about the olive oil production process, the Cortijo offers training programmes and courses to bring the visitor closer to the world of olive oil through oil tasting.

We also organise introductory workshops on olive oil tasting that provide insight into the benefits of a good extra virgin olive oil, how to differentiate them and how to make the right choice when buying. These workshops are very practical. The consumer will carry out an organoleptic analysis and learn the basics, identifying the strengths and shortcomings of olive oil.

Starting with a brief theoretical basis of sensory analysis, we examine the factors, positive and negative attributes that define olive oil’s sensory quality and its relationship with the cultivation and production processes, as well as other general physical and chemical parameters for quality control.

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2 horas
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