San Nicolás del Puerto Puente de Piedra

Sevilla enamora

A stone's throw from Seville, in the region of Utrera, the legendary Murube cattle graze on a farm of 850 hectares (500 hectares of dehesa for the bull and 350 hectares of wheat, sunflower and oats).

The Cortijo de Gambogaz is a large country house located close to the banks of the River Guadalquivir. 

This is a stately residence, designed as a recreational estate with a historicist style, associated with a property specialised in the breeding of fighting bulls. The site was well chosen, as it stands on a gentle hill overlooking the beautiful dehesa that spreads out around it.

The place known today as Cortijo Torre de la Reina was once the rearguard settlement of one of the camps of King Fernando III el Santo during the conquest of Seville. In the late 13th and early 14th centuries it was owned by Queen María de Molina, which is why the building is called Torre de la Reina (Queen's Tower).

The holding is used exclusively for organising large events, congresses, company meetings, banquets and amateur bullfights. All events can be customised to the client’s exact needs.

The team of expert advisors are available to customise the services to exceed clients’ expectations. The services provided include organising:

The Cortijo de las Carrizosas is located to the east, on the Marinaleda road. It is a typical construction of the area. When you see this building, you can appreciate how the town of Herrera was formed by joining buildings together one after another. Nearby is the Roman quarry of the same name, today in disuse.