ROCÍO-El Viso del Alcor

Seville enchants

They produce wines with our own grapes and with each variety separately. The winery has all the latest features necessary to produce quality organic wines.

This event was declared an Andalusian Festival of Tourist Interest.

The Fiesta del Verdeo serves as a symbol in that it kick-starts the table olive harvesting season, known as “verdeo”. The name comes from the fact that the valuable olives are harvested when they are not yet fully mature and have a characteristic green colour.

Goat farming and traditional cheese making.


Production, packaging and marketing of pure bee honey

The brand "El Clavel" was founded in 1896 in Cazalla de la Sierra, a town of whitewashed houses surrounded by holm and cork oaks in the middle of the Sierra Norte of Seville. It has become a household name, among other things, thanks to the universal fame of its spirits, which have included our famous Anis del Clavel since 1896.

The winery, owned by José Ignacio Machuca Pimentel S.L., reaches back more than 150 years. It preserves tools and machinery of great historical value, as well as a barrel that dates back almost to the winery’s foundation (1864). The cask is still in good condition and, of course, full of wine. 

Located at 19 Ecija Street, the Bodega El Bodegón Museum is owned by Bodegas Blanco S.L., a family run business of several generations dedicated to making wine and vinegar.