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La Algaba Bullring


The current La Algaba Bullring was opened in 1991. It was reopened in 1996 with a bullfighting festival in which the renowned bullfighters Curro Romero, José Luis Parada, José Antonio Campuzano, Pepe Luis Vázquez and the apprentice bullfighter, José Manuel Rodríguez, performed. Years later, Curro Romero would also retire in this bullring at the end of the 2000 season.

This arena is peculiar in that only half of it is built-up, i.e. it is divided into two. One half was built with cement, while the other consists of a scaffolding-like wooden structure decorated traditionally with cartwheels painted in different colours, giving it a very unique and festive appearance.

Until the mid-twentieth century, bullfights were traditionally held in the town’s main square, with all accesses closed off by barricades and an improvised bullring made of carts and scaffolding.

The bullring was declared of National Tourist Interest by the Directorate-General for Tourism Promotion of the Andalusian Government on 25 January 2001, for “maintaining the ancestral character in its celebration, originality and diversity of events”.

The La Algaba Bullfighting School is also housed in these premises. Their work transcends the bullfighting frontiers. It is a teaching centre for youth, where priority remains education and training for the future of this Sevillian town’s young people.

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