Seville enchants

This is a stately residence, designed as a recreational estate with a historicist style, associated with a property specialised in the breeding of fighting bulls. The site was well chosen, as it stands on a gentle hill overlooking the beautiful dehesa that spreads out around it.

This is a two hundred-year-old round bullring, with a projection containing the corrals for the fighting bulls. Built with earth, wood, lime and slate, it is located to the north of the town, in one of the most beautiful boulevards of the Sierra Norte of Seville. It has a first floor with the stalls and the boxes. It has bull pens, a concierge, a ticket office and an infirmary.

Since 1888 the bulls of Partido de Resina, formerly Pablo Romero, have remained unaltered. An unparalleled feast for the senses. This fighting bull livestock farm offers great tourism experiences that highlight the Mediterranean culture.