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Astolfi Livestock Farm


When Nicanos Villa's livestock farm was divided, the part belonging to his daughter Carmen Villa Lázaro was acquired in 1959 by Domingo Dominguín, who registered it in the name of his wife, Carmen Aparicio Alfayate. In 1954 the livestock farm was acquired by José Bohórquez, who registered it in the name of his wife Carmen Figueroa, who changed the brand, eliminating all the cattle that made up this farm and re-forming it with bulls acquired from her brother Fermín Bohórquez, from Urquijo.

In 1969, the livestock farm was sold to Belén Ordóñez and in 1981 to Antonio Gallego Romero, who changed the brand. In 1990 it was acquired by the current owners, who changed the brand. In 1999 it was renamed Astolfi and two Jarrama stud bulls were added. In 2007 they refreshed it again with a batch from Manolo González from Guadalest and Torrestrella.


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