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An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Nuestra Señora de Loreto Hacienda and Convent


The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Loreto is a highlight in the Andalusian Religious Tourism circuit.

Declared a Site of Cultural Interest, this Monastery-Hacienda has an olive press, a manor house, a fortified tower and a chapel. The olive press is a device to extract oil from olives, while the wine is used for producing wine. There is also a barn and stables.

The convent consists of an entrance area or narthex, a tower, a church, a sacristy, two cloisters with galleries, courtyards, rooms and several intermediate areas linking the main areas. Its typology is typical of a convent building with the entrance area, church and Sacristy on the northern face and the residential area to the right of these buildings.

The convent is accessed from the west through a baroque-style façade that opens onto the immediate outdoor area known as “compás”.

The compás is a quadrangular area enclosed by the eastern façade of the temple and the main façade of the convent.
The church is located on the northern side of the building. It has a Latin cross floor plan, with a single nave in four sections, covered with a barrel vault and lunettes, reinforced with barrel or transverse vaults. The transept is covered with a dome on pendentives.

The convent area is situated on the southeast side of the complex. The access to the interior is through its main facade, located on the sidewall of the east façade. Its rectangular portico and, flat roof mark where the compás begins. This portico opens onto another that gives access to the church through the left wall.

Opening times

Check the opening hours and tour timetables to visit the different rooms open to the public (church, Virgin Mary’s dressing room, Sacristy, cloisters and two permanent exhibitions)

Closed Tuesday.


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