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Coripe, nature in the heart of the Sierra's Greenway.

Coripe's greatest attraction is its natural surroundings. An ideal place to unwind and enjoy rural tourism, and just what Sierra Greenway has to offer. An old railway line, which was never completed, is now one of the most award-winning paths in Europe. Follow this route to learn about the Peñón del Zaframagón Nature Reserve, and enjoy the fresh air of Sierra Sur while watching the largest colony of griffon vultures on the Iberian Peninsula. As a side note, the oldest holm oak in the province, the Chaparro de la Vega, can be found here. The pilgrimage of Our Lady of Fátima, a tradition stretching back more than 700 years, takes place under its shade every May. 

Discover this charming town and its friendly and welcoming people. Try the typical dishes of its mountain cuisine including stews, asparagus and Spanish oyster thistles. Have a go at the adventure sports you can enjoy in this natural setting. 

Getting to Coripe

If you drive from Seville or Huelva, take exit 6B to Utrera on the SE-30 ring road, then take the A-376 road. Continue along the A-8126, and once you pass Montellano, take the A-8127 to Coripe. 

The shortest route from Málaga is the A-357 road. After passing Teba take the A-384 Antequera motorway. Continue until the exit to the CA-9101 road. When you reach the town of La Muela, take the A-8126 to Coripe.

If you take the A-92, take exit 63 at Puebla de Cazalla. From this town, take the SE-451 road to Morón de la Frontera and continue along the A-8126 to Coripe. 

By bus, Autocares Casal regularly runs from Plaza de Armas and Prado de San Sebastián stations in Seville to Coripe. Take the M-221 line.

Getting around

Stroll through the small town centre and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of its streets. Explore one of Coripe's main attractions, the Sierra Greenway. The town has several active tourism companies. Rent a bike to cycle along the Green Corridor, or enjoy it on horseback. 

Reasons to visit

  • Relax in the shade of the oldest holm oak in the province, the Chaparro de la Vega, which is over 700 years old. 
  • Watch the griffon vultures from the Peñón de Zaframagón Interpretation Centre. 
  • At Easter you must taste the hornazo, a typical Easter treat, and participate in the traditional Quema del Judas (Burning of Judas), on Easter Sunday.
  • Sample Coripe’s cured meats, in particular its famous morcilla de hígado.
  • Visit the Oleico Coripeña oil mill, and learn how the local extra virgin olive oil is made. 

What to see 

Start your visit at the square in the town centre where the San Pedro Church stands, the only church in Coripe built in the mid-19th century. Taste the traditional cuisine, made with extra virgin olive oil pressed at the local mill, in the local bars. The oil press is open to the public to show how this local product is made. 

However, its main heritage is the natural setting. The stunning Sierra Greenway, which spans some 38 kilometres between Coripe, Puerto Serrano and Olvera, is ideal for hiking, cycling or horse riding. This railway project, which was never completed, consists of well-lit tunnels and several bridges. What was meant to be Coripe's station has been converted into a hotel and restaurant. The Chaparro de la Vega, the most important local natural monument, stands three kilometres away. This holm oak is over 700 years old and 23 metres in diameter. The Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Fátima takes place here every May. 
Last but not least, visit the Peñón del Zaframagón Interpretation Centre to find out about the fauna, flora and history of the area. The highlight is the Griffon Vulture Observatory, where you can learn about this colony of birds, the largest on the Iberian Peninsula. 

Places to visit

  1. San Pedro Apóstol Parish Church
  2. Chaparro de la Vega Natural Monument, a holm oak over 700 years old
  3. Zaframagón Interpretation Centre and Ornithological Observatory
  4. Route through the Peñón Zaframagón Nature Reserve
  5. Route along the Sierra Greenway
  6. Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Fátima


Coripe is 87 kilometres from Seville to the south-east of the province and borders with the province of Cádiz. It is in Sierra de Algodonales, at the confluence of Arroyo Guadalporcún and River Guadalete. The Peñón de Zaframagón Nature Reserve, home to one of the largest griffon vulture colonies in the Iberian Peninsula, is located within its municipal district. The Reserve has been declared a Special Protection Area for birds.

Sierra Sur
51.50 Km²
323.00 m
No. of inhabitants


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