Seville, beautiful and diverse

Martín de la Jara, escape to Seville’s Sierra Sur

Martín de la Jara is a perfect place for a rural getaway. In this beautiful part of Seville’s Sierra Sur, you will discover a unique wetland, the Gosque Lagoon.

Montellano, natural and architectural beauty in the heart of Sierra Sur

Montellano is in the heart of Seville's Sierra Sur, a town that stands out for its beautiful surroundings.

We will start the route in Avenida de Andalucía. At the first roundabout, we must turn right towards Seville along the Avenida de Pruna. In this avenue we will always go straight on until a large roundabout called "de la Trinidad" indicates the turning to Montellano on the left.

After reaching the next roundabouts we must continue straight ahead.

The Sierra Greenway alternates between the provinces of Seville and Cadiz. Coripe, El Coronil and Montellano are the mountain villages on the Seville side.

All these villages, immersed in the Sierra Sur of Seville, are typical of the region, with whitewashed walls, flowerpots and Moorish roofs.

Pedrera, a town between quarries

Learn about the history of this town in Seville’s Sierra Sur that owes its name to quarries around it. Stone from these quarries was used in the Middle Ages to make cannonballs. Pedrera has been inhabited since Roman times.

Aguadulce, a town between market gardens

The small town of Aguadulce sits on the foothills of Seville’s Sierra Sur, between Osuna and Estepa. This town, famous since remote times for its market gardens watered by the River Blanco, is today a beautiful town with white houses and friendly locals.