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Villanueva de San Juan


Villanueva de San Juan, peace and nature in the heart of the Sierra Sur

Villanueva de San Juan, located in the Sierra Sur, is surrounded by spectacular landscapes. This town, ringed by mountains, will captivate you with its peaceful atmosphere. An ideal getaway to unwind for a few days and experience the joys of rural tourism in southern Seville. 

Follow its nature routes and discover the beauty of the environment around the Arroyo de las Mujeres stream. If you want to enjoy stunning views, make your way up to the impressive ravines. From there you can see the town and the River Corbones. 

This small Sevillian town –with its whitewashed houses and quiet streets– is extraordinarily charmful. Customs and traditions are still honoured every year in the local festivals. The most popular is the Fiesta del Huerto on Easter Sunday. The town square is transformed into a farm with locally bred animals and produces grown in its lands. 

If you wish to learn more about this town, you must visit it. Only then will you find the peace that comes from the beauty of this southern corner of the province of Seville. 

Getting to Villanueva de San Juan

To travel by car from Seville, take the A-92 motorway until exit 41. Continue towards the A-8125 motorway and when you reach Morón de la Frontera, take the A-406. This road will take you to your destination. 

This town does not have a train station, but you can travel there by bus from the Prado de San Sebastián station in Seville. 

Getting around

It is easy to get around on foot, as it is a small town. Its main attraction is its natural surroundings, which you can discover hiking or cycling

Reasons to visit

  • Pass under the Arco de la Calzada, the most picturesque and characteristic corner of this town. 
  • Explore its beautiful landscapes, Villanueva de San Juan’s main tourist attraction. See the impressive beauty of the ravines formed by the Arroyo de las Mujeres.
  • In May, take part in the Pilgrimage of the Virgen del Rosario, held at Puente de los Seis Ojos nature reserve, on the banks of the River Corbones.
  • Come and enjoy the Fiesta del Huerto, a unique event that takes place on Easter Sunday at the Plaza de la Iglesia, when the square becomes an authentic farm. 
  • Try the traditional liqueur called el coloraíllo, made from cherries and liquor. Sample local dishes such as guiso de membrillo or conejo a la serrana.
  • The town’s main festival honouring its patron saint, Saint John, takes place in June after the summer solstice.
  • Are you into sports? Sign up for the Carrera Popular de Villanueva de San Juan Race in April; a race that has taken place over 20 times. 

What to see 

Begin your visit at the Plaza de la Iglesia, where the San Juan Bautista Parish Church stands. This 18th-century church is home to a relief-sculptured altarpiece of San Pablo Miki that once belonged to the San Carlos de Osuna Jesuit Church. This artwork by an anonymous artist is known by the locals as el Arriero (the Muleteer).

Stroll along the quiet streets and enjoy its unique charm. The Arco de la Calzada, part of the old defensive walls, is its most iconic feature. You will find several bars nearby where you can sample delicious cuisine and taste the typical local liqueur, el coloraíllo. 

The best thing about Villanueva de San Juan is its natural surroundings. Explore some of the routes that cross this landscape and enjoy the fresh air of the Sierra Sur. Discover remarkable places like the ravine formed by the Arroyo de las Mujeres. You will come across the Puente de los Seis Ojos Bridge over the River Corbones and enjoy stunning views from the recreational area of the Albergue. 

Places to visit

  1. San Juan Bautista Parish Church
  2. Puente de los Seis Ojos 
  3. Arroyo de las Mujeres


Villanueva de San Juan is 97 kilometres from Seville in the Sierra Sur region. It stands out for its natural surroundings, through which flow the River Corbones and the Arroyo de las Mujeres, and its impressive ravines. 

Sierra Sur
34.70 Km²
480.00 m
No. of inhabitants


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