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Morón de la Frontera


Morón, land of borders between Sierra Sur and La Campiña

Morón de la Frontera is a lively and enterprising town located at the foot of Seville’s Sierra Sur. The houses with their famous whitewashed exteriors, along with the beautiful churches and convents, share the same rich historical heritage. As its name makes clear, this old medieval town was on the border between the Nasrid kingdom and Christian Andalusia. Discover this crossroad town where the legend of the popular the ‘Gallo desplumado’ (plucked rooster) has become a local emblem. 

Enjoy the natural surroundings of the Sierra de Esparteros and don’t forget to visit Morón de la Frontera’s Lime Museum to learn about this important tradition. Flamenco also has deep roots here. Since 1963, one of the province’s oldest festivals, the Gazpacho Andaluz, takes place here in July, bringing together Spain’s best flamenco. 

This magnificent town is a great place to visit all year round. Enjoy its delicious cuisine based on local products such as table olives, game meat, and cakes and pastries made in local convents by the nuns.

Come and learn about this border enclave with deep-rooted traditions, linked to lime and the town’s legendary rooster.

Getting to Morón de la Frontera

By car from Seville, take the A-92 motorway. At Arahal, take exit 41 to A-8125 until Morón de la Frontera. 

There is no train station in Morón de la Frontera, and the nearest one is in Marchena. If you travel by train, get off at Marchena and take a taxi to Morón. If you go by bus, Transportes Alpe has a regular service from Seville throughout the day. 

Getting around

The best way to discover this town –and its architectural gems– is on foot. You can also hike or cycle in the Sierra de Esparteros. If you need to take a cab, there is a taxi service in Morón’s town centre. 

Reasons to visit

  • Visit the Lime Museum to find out about the history of this deep-rooted local trade. 
  • Stroll through the streets and discover the two sculptures of the “plucked rooster”. Ask a local about what inspired the legend of this city’s emblem. 
  • Check out the bars or restaurants and sample some typical dishes such as sangre con tomates, rabbit rice or delicious local olives. 
  • Climb up to the Castle and enjoy the beautiful views of Seville’s La Campiña. 
  • If you are into military aviation, watch the planes at Morón Air Base and at the Air Force roundabout where an F5 fighter jet is poised to take off.
  • The artisan confectionery made by Morón de la Frontera’s nuns is pure delight. Try the batatines from Santa Clara Convent, and don’t miss the homemade tocinos de cielo made at the Santa María de la Asunción Convent
  • Be amazed by the beauty of the San Miguel Church, known as Sierra Sur’s ‘little cathedral’.
  • The Visitor Assistance Office is located within the Santa Clara Convent exhibition area. Enjoy the temporary and permanent exhibitions on the historical, ethnographic and cultural wealth of this town.

What to see 

Unlock the secrets of this majestic corner of Seville’s Sierra Sur doing a route through its natural setting, including Sierra de Esparteros or Sierra de Morón, as it is also called by the locals. The route will take you to many quarries that attest to the relevance of Morón’s industrial sector since Roman times. 

The goal of this route is to reach the Lime Museum, one of the town’s most unique places, where you can learn about the craft of lime making, the oldest profession in Morón. An interesting exhibition shows the tools and ovens used to make lime. 

Once you have learned what the inhabitants did for centuries to make a living, it is time to visit their historical heritage. The Castle, which still conserves part of its walls and fortified towers, our first stop. You can enjoy here beautiful views of Seville’s La Campiña. This old fortress was also the residence of the Dukes of Osuna; however, Napoleon’s troops blew up the stately rooms. Nearby is the San Miguel Arcángel Church, known as Sierra Sur’s ‘little cathedral’. Its bell tower was built to look like the Giralda in Seville. A short walk will take you to the Paseo del Gallo, where the bronze sculpture of Morón’s famous ‘Gallo desplumado’ stands. Find out what inspired the legend that made this animal the emblem of this town. 

Head now towards the 16th-century Town Hall, the most important civil building. Its clock resembles the one in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol. Nearby is the former palace of the Counts of Miraflores, now converted into the Casa de la Cultura and Fernando Villalón Foundation, named after the poet of the 1927 Generation. The courtyard, grand staircase, and a dome embellished with plaster are the most noteworthy features of this house. Continue through the streets and discover its numerous churches, some of which have been declared Sites of Cultural Interest, including the San Francisco de Asís Church. This church was once part of the Franciscan monastery whose restoration began in the 19th century. It is today Morón de la Frontera’s Specialist Hospital. 

Head to the Santa Clara Convent if you wish to sample typical local confectionery. Try the batatines, made with Californian sweet potato and almonds; or frutitas, a local delicacy made with pears and peaches. Opposite the convent is the Jardines de la Carrera, an ideal pit stop to savour these delicious treats.

Round off your tour at some of Morón’s bars and restaurants and enjoy the lively atmosphere while savouring the delectable cuisine. If you want to view in situ the impressive military planes at Morón Air Base, you must book several days in advance. 

Places to visit

  1. The Lime Museum
  2. San Miguel Arcángel Church
  3. Church of the Antiguo Hospital de San Juan de Dios
  4. Castle
  5. San Francisco de Asís Church
  6. Nuestra Señora de la Victoria y del Espíritu Santo Church
  7. Town Hall: town’s first municipal building, 1593
  8. Santa Clara Convent Church
  9. Exhibition space at Santa Clara Convent
  10. San Ignacio de Loyola Church
  11. Nuestra Señora de la Merced Church
  12. Shrine to Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Cañada
  13. La Asunción Convent Church
  14. María Auxiliadora Church
  15. Casa de la Cultura Fernando Villalón Foundation
  16. Traditional streets of interest: Ánimas, Corredera, Fernando Villalón, La Carrera, Las Siete Revueltas, Pozo Nuevo, Ramón Cruz Auñón, San Miguel, San Sebastián, and Utrera
  17. Sierra de Esparteros hiking route


Located in the Sierra Sur region, Morón de la Frontera is 65 kilometres from Seville. The hamlets created by the National Colonisation Institute, including Aldea Guadaira, Las Caleras de la Sierra, La Lagartija, La Ramira, are under its administration. Sierra de Esparteros, one of the most recognisable features of the local landscape, is situated in this municipality. 

Sierra Sur
431.90 Km²
231.00 m
No. of inhabitants


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