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Sierra Greenway


This route has been declared of tourist interest and is promoted by the Vía Verde de la Sierra Sierra Foundation.

The Sierra Greenway runs along the old Jerez-Almargen railway line. There are now 36 kilometres available linking the towns of Puerto Serrano and Olvera. These 36 kilometres have been upgraded for recreational and educational use. The facilities along the Sierra Greenway meets all travellers’ needs, including water points, information panels, signage, rest areas, hitching posts for donkeys and horses, as well as an information and route guide service. There are overlooks at the most attractive places along the route where the visitor will be delighted with the mountain landscapes and beautiful sunsets. This route offers a wide variety of landscapes, where agricultural and mountain landscapes alternate with masses of Mediterranean forest.

Water is the common denominator. The route follows the course of the Guadalete and Guadalporcún rivers, populated with varied riparian vegetation (ashes, white poplars, black poplars, tamarisks, oleanders, etc.). This creates a path where clean air and tranquillity accompany the visitor.

The former train stations of Puerto Serrano, Coripe and Olvera, which were in a poor state of preservation, have been renovated and now operate as restaurants and tourist accommodations. Close to the Peñon de Zaframagón is a namesake stop that has been converted into the Zaframagón Interpretation Centre and Ornithological Observatory.

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