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Artecasti, S.L.


This family business, specialising in the artisan production of breadsticks, was founded in 1968 by Francisco Castilla Gordillo, the pioneer in breadsticks in this area. This tradition is now passed down from generation to generation.

This product is manufactured manually with extra virgin olive oil and top quality raw materials, following traditional recipes. This produces an excellent, healthy and natural product, worthy of the best palates, with high nutritional value. 

Description of the tour

The visitor learns about every stage of the manufacturing process:

  • Kneading of raw materials, water, salt, flour, extra virgin olive oil.
  • Refining of the dough to obtain a lump-less mass.
  • Manual cutting of the dough.
  • Shaping the dough and preparing the raw breadstick
  • Proofing in fermentation chambers.
  • Baking in rotating oven.
  • Cooling and packaging of the product.
  • Distribution.
Minimum number of people per tour
Maximum number of people per tour
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Duration of the tour
20 minutos


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