Castillo de Alcalá de Guadaíra

Seville enchants

Olive culture is part of the DNA of our land. Particularly, in the province of Seville, it is difficult to find any of our villages without any olive grove.

Goat farming and traditional cheese making.


Production, packaging and marketing of pure bee honey

Guided tour of the facilities of the cooperative to see the olive milling process and production of Molino de Navas Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

A guided walking tour of the natural and cultural values of salt mines that includes a tasting of salt and related products. A visit to the salt production, brine management and salt harvesting activities may be added depending on the season.

The passion of this small but impeccable dairy products workshop is cheeses, which are made with raw goat milk from the native Sevillian flowery breed of grazing livestock and exclusively use ferments from their own milk.

Virgin olive oil made with arbequina olive trees from the Hacienda Merrha, the microclimate, the soil and the work ethos of Juan Antonio Morillo Ruiz, the producer and master of the oil mill.