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Pósito Municipal


Osuna’s former Municipal Granary is a civil building in the historic centre of the town. The building was acquired by the city council in 1731 to store the grain. The building was completed in 1779 as the inscription on the façade shows.

Much earlier, a tavern stood on this site in the early 16th century. Later, the place was an open-air comedy theatre until they were banned. It continued in disuse until 1731 when the city council bought it to install the municipal granary’s storage chambers.

Over the years, it was used for different purposes, including granary, courthouse, military recruitment centre and charity hospital. Today, it is an elderly care home. 

The two-storey building, designed by Pedro Manuel Godoy, is built with carved white stone. It has a remarkable, baroque portal divided into two levels, which brings elegance and splendour to the building. There is an arcade courtyard inside with columns on the two sides that run parallel to the façade.

The inner courtyard can be visited. Open every day.


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