Seville enchants

The San Fernando y Santa Elisa Nursing Home was started in 1929 following the design of the architect Vicente Traver Tomás, responsible for such important buildings as the Lope de Vega Theatre and the Columnata in the Maria Luisa Park in Seville.

In the early 18th century, the presbyter Cristobal Francisco Halcón de Cala built this small chapel-oratory dedicated to the Holy Trinity inside his house. This old, brick and masonry chapel was built in 1714-1719. The single nave is covered by different types of ceilings. The sacristy is located behind the high altar.

Manuela Murube, the cousin of Andres Sanchez de Alva and Otilia Calderon, dedicated much of her life to continue the social projects they started, including the nursing home. She strove to provide good living conditions to the residents. Furthermore, Manuela donated valuable paintings by the Lebrijan painter Antonia Rodríguez Sánchez de Alva to the nursing home.

Osuna’s former Municipal Granary is a civil building in the historic centre of the town. The building was acquired by the city council in 1731 to store the grain. The building was completed in 1779 as the inscription on the façade shows.

The Holy Resurrection charity hospital has never ceased to assist any petitioner in its five centuries of history, as advocated by Juan Ponce de León, and set forth by his mother Catalina de Perea in her will in 1522.

In the pedestrian high street of the town, Mesones Street, stands this Chapel of the old Charity Hospital, now a nursing home run by the Mercedarian Sisters.