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Cilla del Cabildo Colegial


The old Cilla del Cabildo Colegial, today the Parish House of the city, was built in 1773, according to the date engraved on the façade. Built by the architect Antonio Ruiz Florindo, it resembles more a palace than an industrial building, where the grain and fruits paid as a tithe to the church was stored.

This Cilla del Cabildo has one of the most spectacular, Andalusian baroque façades. The façade is made with stone from Estepa. It is vertically shaped by five pilasters decorated with stars and ropes. The windows with pentice roofs are flanked by a thick moulding that connects the upper and lower floors.

The off-centre façade stands out for its quasi-sculptural nature. It is framed by Corinthian columns on bulbous pedestals that support a trimmed, mixtilinear cornice. The lintel is decorated with an undulating torus moulding. Above the cornice stands the sculptural group of the Giralda, Saints Justa and Rufina and lily jars, surrounded by another mixtilinear moulding crowned by a highly trimmed pediment. The inscription on the entablature reads, "Cilla of the Holy Metropolitan and Patriarchal Church of Seville. Year 1773".

The building is closed to the public.


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