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Palacio Marqués de la Gomera Hotel 


The Palace of the Marquis of La Gomera is undoubtedly the most outstanding palace in the town of Osuna. It is an 18th century building by Juan Antonio Blanco, dated around 1770. It is a good example of the Andalusian Civil Baroque.

It has an interesting two-storey façade with an original cornice of a mixtilinear profile with waves and volutes, where gargoyles in the shape of cannons can be found. It has an elaborate baroque design, which is also influenced by colonial architecture. At one end of this façade there is a corner lookout tower. 

Another key element of the building is its sumptuous façade, the first section of which is raised on groups of pillars and pilasters resting on curved pedestals on either side of the entrance door. A second upper body rises behind the main balcony, centring an opening flanked by paired Solomonic columns supporting a curved split pediment from whose tympanum rises the large family coat of arms.

Past the entrance hall or vestibule, visitors enter the large central courtyard, which is two storeys high. In the centre of this courtyard, a marble fountain with an octagonal base and a low bowl can be found.

One of the corners of this courtyard preserves an excellent domestic chapel, small but of great artistic value. It has an stylised gilded wooden altarpiece that is assembled with multiple mirror inlays all over its surface and has as its central figure the sculptural group of a Pietà.


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