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An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

San Sebastián Parish Church


The origin of the San Sebastián Church is unclear, although it was already mentioned in 1498.

The temple, which has a basilica plan, was built in the 16th century according to the design of the Genoese architect Vicente Boyo.

It consists of one nave and two aisles, as well as side chapels. Worthy of note are the pulpit, the high altar and the portals.

It has two doors. The main one is in Renaissance-style, flanked by two massive buttresses. It should be noted that the portal belonged to the now-extinct Victoria Church. 

The second door on one side is used by the Confraternities that have their seats in this parish church. 

The beautiful bell tower, which can be accessed from the outside, is also remarkable. 

Although the Church was initially in Renaissance-style, it has seen many elements added with each renovation. Highlights inside include Baroque gems, such as statues by Martinez Montañes and Pedro Roldan and a collection of paintings from the Antwerp School.


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