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Chapel of La Virgen de Belén


The Chapel of La Virgen de Belén is located in the town of Navas de la Concepción in the province of Seville. It is a chapel dedicated to the Virgin of Bethlehem, located next to the mill. It is the place where the pilgrimage in honour of this Virgin was held until the end of the 19th century.

Currently located next to the Rivera de Ciudadeja, it was transferred to this site from its original location in the Old Monastery of San Antonio de Galleguillos, where an important Pilgrimage took place.

This building is one of the town's most important historical attractions.

There is a beautiful path to the Chapel, which leaves from the road to Las Navas and runs along the Rivera de Ciudadeja. At the site of the Chapel there are two recreational areas where you can picnic or even have a swim in the summer.

Every third Sunday in August, dawn breaks with a sense of expectation in the air, as this is when the pilgrimage in honour of its patron saint, Our Lady of Bethlehem, takes place. After reciting the Hail Mary, the pilgrims accompany the Blessed Virgin to the chapel, located in a natural setting on the banks of the Rivera de Ciudadeja, some seven kilometres from the town.


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