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Guadalcanal, on the border with Extremadura

Guadalcanal is the northernmost town in the province of Seville. Nature, cuisine and historical heritage come together to offer you the best of Seville’s Sierra Morena. 

There are myriad activities that you can do in the beautiful natural surroundings of this border town, located between Andalusia and Extremadura. You can go hiking, climbing or if you are a cycling enthusiast, cycle up to La Capitana, the highest peak in Sierra Morena Natural Park. However, if there is one thing you should not miss, it is the spectacular starry sky, declared a Starlight Reserve by UNESCO. 

The cured pork and the Iberian ham from Guadalcanal are very popular among locals for their excellent flavour and quality. As are other delicacies such as game meat calderetas and guisos, migas con chorizo and gazpacho majado. 

Last but not least, discover a town with a rich heritage, including impressive churches, convents and monasteries. Above all, however, come and enjoy the festivals. Holy Week and the two pilgrimages held in honour of the Our Lady of Guaditoca have been declared events of National Tourist Interest. 

Getting to Guadalcanal

There are two options if you travel by car from Seville. Take the A-432 through Cazalla de la Sierra and Alanís or take the A-66 Ruta de la Plata motorway. If you choose the latter, take exit 722 at Monesterio and then follow the EX-103 to Llerena. In Llerena, continue along the EX-200 until you reach Guadalcanal. Both options will take the same amount of time. 

You can also travel by train from Santa Justa Station in Seville. If you travel by bus, go to Plaza de Armas Bus Station. 

Getting around

Stroll through the streets, walk through the mountains and enjoy this town and its unique surroundings. If you prefer to cycle, bring your bike and discover all the routes. 

Reasons to visit

  • Visit the La Almona building and find out for what it was used. It is the oldest civil monument in the region, dated 1307.
  • Take a leisurely stroll through the streets to discover the many churches, convents and monasteries. 
  • You will be impressed by Santa Ana Church, now the Sierra Morena Interpretation and Resource Centre. It was declared a National Monument in 1979. 
  • Come and discover the town’s hiking routes. One of them will take you to the Pozo Rico mines, Spain’s first mining reserve which dates back to the 16th century. 
  • Do you like cycling? Compete in the La Capitana’ Javi Cabeza’ Mountain Bike Marathon and crown the highest peak in the Sierra Morena
  • Try the cured pork and ham from Iberian pigs that have been reared in Guadalcanal’s pastures. 
  • Enjoy the sky on a clear night, declared a Starlight Reserve by UNESCO. 
  • Experience the two pilgrimages held in honour of the Our Lady of Guaditoca, the patron saint. The first in April, and the second in September have both been declared events of National Tourist Interest. 

What to see 

Guadalcanal has a rich and invaluable historical heritage. In the Plaza de España, visit Santa María de la Asunción Church. This Mudejar-style building is attached to the remains of the Arab wall. Also in this square are San Vicente Church and the Town Hall, and a minute away, the food market. This building is stunning, as it was initially the San Sebastián Church. 

Nearby you will come across La Almona, the oldest civil monument in the region that was the residence of the Master of the Order of Santiago. Now head to the Plaza de Santa Ana, where you will find the Sierra Morena Interpretation and Resource Centre. You will be impressed by the architecture, as it was originally the Santa Ana Church.

Continue to explore this beautiful town’s rich heritage. For instance, what used to be a Franciscan convent is now the Municipal Cemetery, well worth a visit. Los Milagros Hospital is another remarkable building, currently used as an employment workshop. 

To finish your visit, follow a route around the Sierra Morena Natural Park. There are also night routes so you can enjoy the stars. Another option is to follow the route leading to the Shrine to Nuestra Señora de Guaditoca, the patron saint of the town. 

Places to visit

  1. San Vicente Chapel
  2. Sierra Morena 'Santa Ana' Interpretation Centre
  3. Espíritu Santo Convent
  4. Shrine to Nuestra Señora de Guaditoca
  5. San Sebastián Church (now Plaza de Abastos)
  6. Santa Ana Church
  7. Santa María de La Asunción Church 
  8. La Almona
  9. San Vicente Church
  10. Shrine to San Benito
  11. La Concepción Church 
  12. Shrine to Cristo de Humilladero
  13. San José de la Penitencia Convent (Santa Clara)
  14. La Caridad Hospital
  15. San Francisco Convent
  16. Los Milagros Hospital
  17. Sierra Morena Natural Park


Guadalcanal is 114 kilometres from Seville, located in Seville’s Sierra Morena region. The town is situated in a valley formed by the Sierra del Viento and the Sierra del Agua, nestled in the Sierra Morena Natural Park, a protected area.

Sierra Morena Sevillana
275.00 Km²
665.00 m
No. of inhabitants


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