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Alanís, a town to experience with all your senses

Alanís is a gem of the province of Seville in the heart of nature. A small corner in Seville’s Sierra Morena in which to wander, unwind and experience the essence of an authentic town. Its friendly, welcoming people will make you feel at home in this mountain town, surrounded by numerous natural areas. You can also enjoy a varied and exquisite cuisine based on game meats, local mushrooms, homemade stews and local products such as hams and handmade Iberian sausages. 

This quiet town in Sierra Morena Natural Park has a fascinating architectural heritage, including the Arab castle and numerous natural springs scattered across the urban area. Come and enjoy its festivals, in which all the locals participate. And do not miss the medieval festival in which the history of this beautiful mountain town is commemorated every September. 

Indeed, Alanís is a place to experience with all your senses. Do not miss it.

Getting to Alanís

If you are travelling from Seville by car, the best option is the A-4 motorway until exit 506 at Carmona and then enter the A-457 towards Lora del Río. Cross this town towards the A-455 Constantina motorway. A few kilometres after exiting this town, take the SE-163 to San Nicolás del Puerto and then continue along the SE-8100 until your destination. 

If you are travelling from Huelva by car, take the road to Santa Olalla, continue towards El Real de La Jara, then to Pantano de El Pintado and Cazalla de La Sierra until you reach Alanís. 

Alanís currently has no train service. The nearest stations are in the towns of Guadalcanal and El Pedroso. You can also take the bus from Plaza de Armas Bus Station in Seville. 

Getting around

Alanís is an ideal place to walk, hike or cycle around its natural surroundings. Come and discover it for yourself. 

Reasons to visit

  • Visit the castle and learn about the legends that remain vivid in the minds of the locals.
  • Go back to the Middle Ages in September during the medieval festival. You will enjoy an unforgettable experience.
  • Do you like camping? There is an area equipped with drinking water and free electricity also suitable for caravans.
  • Discover the fountains scattered throughout the town, a meeting place for young courting couples in the past. 
  • If you are passionate about mountain biking, do not miss the countless MTB routes available around this mountain town. 
  • Try the handmade sausages and local Iberian ham, a feast for the palate. 
  • Hike through Sierra Morena Natural Park on the many trails Alanís offers. 
  • Spend a day in the countryside at the Arroyo de San Pedro Recreational Area, where the town’s pilgrimage takes place in May. 

What to see 

Begin your visit at Cerro del Castillo, the symbol of this town. The castle dates back to the Muslim period. It was renovated by Cabildo de Sevilla in the 14th century. 

The medieval festival takes place in September to commemorate the history of Alanís. Be sure to find out about the legends of its towers. Legend has it that there are hidden passageways that connect the main tower with the town’s church. The Shrine to San Juan, which houses the Casa de las Artes, is nearby. Enjoy magnificent views of the Sierra Morena from Loma del Aire viewpoint. 

Go to the town centre and stroll through its streets. Some houses still preserve their Mudejar and Renaissance-style façades. Be sure to visit the natural springs, including Santa María, which has a staircase, Las Pilitas and Los Caños, the most famous in the Sierra Morena. These springs are much loved by the locals who have always met here to socialise. In yesteryears, young people would come to meet the girl or boy they were courting. You will find Nuestra Señora de las Nieves Church in the heart of the town, next to the Town Hall. This 14th-century church has a surprisingly beautiful Gothic altarpiece, one of few in Andalusia. 

Other famous monuments are the Chapel of Jesús Nazareno, an image of Christ much revered by the people of Alanís, and central to the Good Friday processions, and the Shrine to Nuestra Señora de las Angustias. The latter is located one kilometre and a half from the town and holds the statue of the patron saint of Alanís. Also on the outskirts, about six kilometres from the village on the Malcocinado road is the San Miguel de la Breña Monastery surrounded by nature. 

To finish your tour, hike through Sierra Morena Natural Park or enjoy a picnic at the Arroyo de San Pedro Recreational Area.

Places to visit

  1. Alanís Castle 
  2. Shrine to Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno
  3. Shrine to San Juan Evangelista / Casa de las Artes
  4. Nuestra Señora de las Angustias Church
  5. Santa María Spring
  6. Las Pilitas Spring
  7. Los Caños Spring
  8. The Crosses
  9. Nuestra Señora de las Nieves Parish Church
  10. San Miguel de la Breña Monastery


Alanís is 104 kilometres from Seville, in the foothills of Sierra Morena to the north of the province, bordering Badajoz. It lies in the heart of Sierra Morena Natural Park, irrigated by the spring waters of Santa María, La Salud and El Pilarejo, as well as Parral Stream. 

Sierra Morena Sevillana
280.00 Km²
671.00 m
No. of inhabitants


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