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Fuentes de Andalucía


Fuentes de Andalucía, a town with unique traditions

The Sevillian town of Fuentes de Andalucía is pleasant, lively and welcoming. This charming corner of La Campiña sits between the Genil and Corbones rivers, surrounded by olive trees and cereal crops. Come and discover an authentic town that still keeps many of its rural traditions; a town with simple, friendly people. Its age-old history was completed in the 19th century following the merger of two important seigniories: the marquisate of Gómez de Fuentes Guzmán, after whom the town was named, and the fiefdom of La Monclova, owned by Gil Bocanegra.

The town, which has been declared a Site of Cultural Interest, has abundant heritage assets, including several churches and baroque buildings, as well as two medieval castles. One castle is in the town centre and the other, La Monclova Castle, a true architectural masterpiece, is on the outskirts.

During your visit, you must sample its delicious food, based on homemade stews and grilled meats, at a local restaurant. And, above all, try the typical local sweet: the entornao. You can’t miss either the festivals. The most eagerly awaited event is the Carnival, designated as an Andalusian Festival of Tourist Interest, in which all locals participate. Dress up in the typical costume ‘la máscara’. A traditional costume made with sheets and stuffed with cushions to avoid being recognised. 

Rest assured that you will find entertainment, good food and culture in Fuentes de Andalucía.

Getting to Fuentes de Andalucía

By car from Seville, take the A-4 motorway and take exit 482 to La Campana/Fuentes de Andalucía until your destination. 

If you choose to travel by train, the nearest station is in Marchena. From there, you can take a taxi to Fuentes de Andalucía. It’s only about 16 kilometres away. If travelling by bus, choose one of several lines operated by Autocares Valenzuela to Fuentes from Prado Bus Station in Seville.

Getting around

This town is better experienced on foot. You can also go hiking or horse riding along the La Campiña Greenway.

Reasons to visit

  • Find out about the province’s Golden Age at Fuentes de Andalucía Baroque Interpretation Centre. 
  • Discover the impressive Monclova Castle and the remains of the old Turdetani city of Obúlcula. 
  • Sample the traditional sugar and cinnamon pie from Fuentes, known as “el entornao”.
  • Pet an award-winning, internationally renowned Spanish purebred horse in one of four stud farms. 
  • Enjoy a unique Carnival in Fuentes de Andalucía with masks and murga performances.
  • Taste the anise-flavoured liquor produced by Rigo, the historic local distillery. Enjoy your drink with huevos a la flamenca, a typical local dish. 
  • In spring, enjoy the unique views of La Campiña, covered with daisies and poppies. 
  • Visit Los Altaritos during the Midsummer Day festivities. A different way to celebrate the summer solstice. 

What to see 

Start from the Plaza de España. You will see El Hierro Castle, of Arabic origin, camouflaged by street furniture. Notable in this defensive structure is the Torre del Homenaje (Homage Tower). On the opposite side of the square is the Town Hall, a neoclassical building, and nearby, the Santa María la Blanca Church, the main church in Fuentes. The columns and polychrome tiles on the tower are clearly in baroque style. 

Continue through Calle San Sebastián, one of the most beautiful streets in the town. Stroll through the area and discover genuine 18th-century stately mansions. The miradores, a type of small tower, were a common feature of these houses. They were was used to look out over the countryside and watch the crops. For instance, you can find a typical baroque home at number one Calle Carrera. The beautiful Aurora Chapel, revered by the people of Fuentes, is also on the same street. If you are an art history aficionado, you should visit San José Church. It houses Juan de Mesa’s first work after leaving his master Juan Martínez Montañés’ workshop.

Several baroque buildings in Fuentes are currently used for public purposes, although they are open to visitors. This is the case of the Casa de los Fernández Peñaranda, now a live-in-school, the former Pósito (granary), used as a senior citizens’ social club, and the former Charity Hospital, where the Baroque Interpretation Centre and Museum is now located. 

To round off your visit, go to the outskirts and visit the unique Monclova Castle, located in the old Turdetani city of Obúlcula. You will see a few remains inside the property. You can also stroll along the La Campiña Greenway on foot or horse. Fuente de Andalucía boasts four internationally renowned stud farms where Spanish purebred horses are bred. 

Relax while sampling the delicious food served in the bars of Fuentes de Andalucía and raise a toast with the traditional aniseed drink made by Rigo Distilleries. 

Places to visit

  1. Former granary, now a senior citizens’ social club
  2. Town Hall
  3. Plaza de España
  4. Casa de Fernández Peñaranda (live-in-school)
  5. Baroque stately mansions located at no. 9 Fernando Llera Street; no. 1 Carrera Street, Casa de las Escaleras and house at no. 8 Lora Street
  6. Monclova Castle
  7. Hierro Castle
  8. Shrine of La Aurora
  9. Shrine of El Calvario
  10. Queen’s Fountain
  11. La Encarnación Conventual Church 
  12. San Francisco Conventual Church
  13. San José Conventual Church
  14. Santa María La Blanca Parish Church
  15. Baroque Interpretation Centre Casa de Cultura
  16. Vera Cruz Museum
  17. Molino de Viento Natural Park and Shrine of María Auxiliadora
  18. Archaeological Museum


Fuentes de Andalucía is 66 kilometres from Seville. Located in the region of La Campiña, between the Genil and Corbones rivers, the municipalities of Carmona, Écija, Osuna and Marchena converge here. The landscape is flat and dominated by olive trees, cereals and arable crops. 

La Campiña
150.00 Km²
183.00 m
No. of inhabitants


Jusni 23 May, 12:25

Hemos hecho noche todo tranquilo sin ningún problema, el pueblo muy bonito, en el bar el 6 cenamos de maravilla con la recomendación de la Oficina de información y Turismo que estuvieron ayudándonos en todas las dudas que teníamos, de 10 . Lo recomiendo a todo el que pase. Y gracias al Ayuntamiento por esta área ojalá se sumarán más pueblos. Enhorabuena!!!!

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Muchas gracias Jusni por dejarnos un comentario. Un saludo

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