Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Fuente de la Reina


This Iberian archaeological site abounds with Roman remains. The fountain itself may have been the reason for the emergence of settlements and their permanence over time. The fountain sits over underground water collection galleries that convey groundwater to an underground cistern from where it naturally flows down the slope to the fountain. 

The fountain is located on the outskirts of Fuentes de Andalucía on the pilgrimage route, next to a motocross circuit,. The place was used as a livestock resting area on the drover’s road from Ecija to Seville. The Roman fountain collects the water from nearby sands through a complex gallery system. Some of these galleries are visible about 150 metres from the town. The network consists of two elements, namely, the fountain with a large stone basin covered by a dome supported on five arches, and a 16-metre trough. The complex is in a good state of conservation.


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