Seville, beautiful and diverse

El Palmar de Troya, the ‘watchtower’ of the Guadalquivir

To the south-east of Seville, 15 kilometres from Utrera and in the heart of La Cañada Real, is El Palmar de Troya. A town which, until October 2018, was part of the municipal district of Utrera, and one of the newest towns in the province.

La Campana, a getaway in La Campiña

La Campana, a town in Seville’s La Campiña, still preserves its customs and traditions. You will see many household items made from palm leaves.

Écija, the City of Towers

On your trip to Écija, you will see from a distance why it is popularly known as the City of Towers. Eleven towers stand out against the urban landscape, each from a different church in the town. Its invaluable architectural heritage, with over ten palaces, seven convents and five museums, has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site.

Los Molares, a town with medieval roots

Would you like to discover a town with medieval roots? Visit Los Molares in Seville’s La Campiña. You can see its impressive 14th-century Castle from afar.

La Puebla de Cazalla, passionate for flamenco

Come and discover this charming town in Seville’s La Campiña. La Puebla de Cazalla, a town of great traditions, offers cultural and historical tourism and natural surroundings.

Lantejuela, Land of Lagoons. 

Nestled between Osuna, Écija and Marchena, in Seville’s La Campiña region, is Lantejuela, a town with unique charm. You will enjoy the tranquillity of a rural village surrounded by fields of grain and olive groves, and flanked by its famous lagoons.