Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Former Granary (now Pensioners’ Social Club)


It was initially built to accommodate an abattoir, a butcher’s shop and the municipal granary. Notable are the two doors with broken pediment, one for each room. This building is steeped in history. During the Republic, it was used as the “casa del pueblo” (people’s assembly), where workers met, and in times of Franco, it was a high school. Today, it is the Pensioners Social Club. 

The current building was rebuilt in 1790 by Alonso Ruiz Florindo from Carmona. The facade is decorated with sizeable pilasters and red decorative elements. The frieze on the upper part of the façade has an inscription referring to the uses of the building. The interior is covered with groin vaults on large columns.

The building has two twin portals, probably due to its use as a granary and butcher’s shop. The layout is repeated on both portals, i.e. a lintelled opening framed by embossed pilasters with a pendant in the middle, a cornice frieze with a broken pediment in the centre and spheres on both ends. This type of finishing also appears on the windows of the first level of the façade.

Highlights inside include several columns and pendants on the wall supporting the vaults. The two-storey façade is structured with a giant order of Tuscan pilasters and twin portals. The ground floor is covered by quadripartite groin vaults supported on pillars and directly on the wall.


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