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Rivera de Benalija


The Rivera de Benalija is a small stream in the north of the Sierra Norte Natural Park, which runs along the southwest edge of the municipal district of Alanís. It empties into one of the tail ends of the Pintado Reservoir. This seasonal stream may dry up in the summers with little rainfall. About two kilometres from the urban centre, the stream widens and falls down a slope, creating a beautiful setting. Nearby is a cave with a small lake inside.

Next to the stream are several flour mills, commonly known as the “Molinos del Jorobado”, which remained in operation until the late twentieth century.

Access is free. To get to the Rivera de Benalija, take the A-432 road to Cazalla de la Sierra. About 2.5 kilometres from the village, the road leading to the cave and the river appear on the right.


Riparian vegetation abounds in this area, including gallery forests with ashes, poplars and abundant shrub species correlated to aquatic ecosystems, such as willow and reed. 


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