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Los Tollos Lagoon


Los Tollos Lagoon is located between Jerez de la Frontera and El Cuervo, in the provinces of Cadiz and Seville. It is considered of special ecological relevance, owing to the significant biological communities it harbours, and the relationship that humans have established with this space over time.

Los Tollos Lagoon is located on the southwest edge of the Guadalquivir depression. Although most of the lagoon lies within the municipality of Jerez de la Frontera, part of it is in El Cuervo. The lagoon was initially vast. Nowadays a tailings dam from a mining operation has partially occupied its flood basin.

It is considered one of the wetlands of the most significant environmental interest in Andalusia. Also, the Andalusian Government has listed the lagoon as a Special Conservation Area under the Habitats Directive.

It is included in the Sites of Community Interest drawn up by the Regional Ministry of the Environment of the Andalusian Government and proposed to the European Unión for its inclusion in the Natura 2000 Network under the Special Conservation Area designation.

Surface area
80.00 Ha

The helophytic and perilagoon vegetation of the wetland is made up of Tamarix africana and Tamarix canariensis, which colonise the entire perimeter. It is essential to emphasise the great significance of this lagoon for birds. It is a critical area for endangered species, as it is for the concentration of species that come here during migration, winter or breeding. Coots, which rely on deeper, permanent zones, dominate the community when the lagoon dries up.

Meanwhile, in winter and early spring, when shallow waters still cover the natural pool, waders predominate. Los Tollos lagoon is also very important as a resting place for flamingos when they fly daily from Fuente de Piedra to Doñana.


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