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Coripe Lagoon


The Coripe Lagoon is a continental wetland in the Guadalete river basin, which is a sub-basin of the Guadalmanil. 

This lagoon is located amidst dolomitic limestone hills on a small karstic depression formed by two adjacent sinkholes. Although it is a limestone area, the bottom of the basin contains clay material that makes it impermeable, enabling the accumulation of runoff water that recharges the lagoon. While its low-mineral water is seasonal, it holds water even in the dry period

The lagoon has traditionally been used as a watering place for livestock. Therefore, its waters are eutrophicated, enabling filamentous algae blooms to the detriment of other aquatic plants. Nonetheless, there is a dense floating population of buttercups in the deeper zone.

It should be highlighted that this lagoon has Europe’s largest population of Marsilea strigosa. This plant is classified as vulnerable in Andalusia. 

The perilagoon vegetation is very sparse, although some rushes and a dense grassland with nitrophilous species in areas of shallow water.

There are also several freshwater crustacean species in the lagoon and a large population of amphibians that are fodder for birds. Migratory birds use the lagoon for resting and feeding in the wet season. The main groups of birds are herons and waders.

Surface area
75.00 Ha


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