Cascadas del Hueznar

Seville enchants

The Rivera de Cala is the main tributary of the Rivera de Huelva, into which it flows in the municipality of Guillena, after

The River Viar is one of the tributaries of the right bank of the Guadalquivir, which it joins between Cantillana and Villaverde del Río. Its source is in the Extremadura municipality of Monesterio, and it is 124 km in length.

The Venta de Las Navas ZEC belongs to the Guadalquivir sub-basin between Retortillo and Huesna. Geologically, it is characterised by the fact that it runs among hills over metamorphic rocks. The area is mainly included in the mountain range landscape category, within the low mountain range sub-category. 

The Sierra de Alanís is located to the northeast of the province of Seville, bordering the provinces of Cordoba and Badajoz. The entire area belongs to the municipality of Alanís. Given its location in predominantly mountainous territory, between the Western Sierra Morena and the Bembézar-Bajo Guadiato region, it has certain mountain characteristics.

The Coripe Lagoon is a continental wetland in the Guadalete river basin, which is a sub-basin of the Guadalmanil. 

The River Corbones is a tributary on the left bank of the River Guadalquivir. It rises in the Blanquilla, Mollina and Los Borbollones mountain ranges in the provinces of Cadiz and Malaga.

The Salado de Morón Stream rises in the province of Cádiz and runs through Seville, crossing the towns of Montellano, El Coronil, El Palmar de Troya, Morón de la Frontera and Utrera until it reaches the River Guadalquivir, at the end of the Brazo del Este channel.