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Osset Iulia Constantia Interpretation Centre


Part of the Roman villa of Osset Iulia Constantia, specifically several walls that could have belonged to a storage structure next to a wall that was built in San Juan and that was a strategic control point of the trade between Híspalis and the Aljarafe, was discovered in this municipality during the works of the Seville metro. In addition to the Roman remains, part of the wall of the Almohad fortress (12th century) of Hins al Faray was also discovered. 

An interpretation centre was created with the aim of publicising the findings and protecting the site. In architectural terms, the centre was designed as a bridge-street that allows pedestrians to pass through the archaeological excavation and is made up of two volumes of different heights joined by the aforementioned pedestrian walkway, connecting the Plaza Doctor Muñoz Cariñanos with the Otto Engelhardt site.

The archaeological site that houses the interpretation centre is a faithful reflection of the different uses that were given to this area during the Turdetan, Roman and Almohad periods. The Turdetans built a wine press here, while the Romans transformed the site into a public square with a perimeter wall, some of whose remains can still be seen.
Later, during the Almohad period, the Moors took advantage of the ashlars of the Roman construction to build a fortified area, including two towers from which they controlled access from the Vega de Triana to the former Osset. During the archaeological research, remains of an Almohad cemetery were also found next to one of the gates in the wall.

Opening times

Visits to the Archaeological Centre must be arranged in advance. For group visits (minimum 10 people - maximum 30 people), reservations must be made by telephone. The visit is free for residents of San Juan de Aznalfarache.


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