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Hins-Alfaray Walls


The Hins-Alfaray Walls are some of the most important remains of the Moorish town that was built in this area in the 12th century, during the Almohad period. It was a fortified enclosure, a ring of walls surrounding the main watchtower that served to defend the settlement. 

These fortifications were built by order of the Caliph Yagub Al-Mansur, taking advantage of some remains of a Roman wall. Over time, the fortress became the residence of the famous taifa king of Seville and poet Al-Mutamid. With the Reconquest, Pelayo Pérez Correa took the fortress, used it as a barracks and gave it to the Order of Malta. 

They are still well-preserved today and they surround the District of the Monument of San Juan de Aznalfarache, home to the Sagrado Corazón Monument, which was built to house the remains of Cardinal Segura. 

It should also be mentioned that inside this walled enclosure you can find the Archaeological Heritage Interpretation Centre. Here, visitors can see the archaeological remains found in this municipality (Turdetan, Roman, Almohad), including the Lagar de Osset, a site from the Turdetan period used for storing wine. 

Finally, it should be noted that all these remains are part of the San Juan de Aznalfarache Archaeological Route, through which visitors can see the archaeological remains of the municipality in person.


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