Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Torre de Contrapeso


The olive mill and its emblematic counterweight tower are one of the most characteristic architectural features of Seville’s rural landscape, particularly in the Aljarafe region with its long olive-growing history. The region’s centuries-old tradition of olive oil production has led to a widespread presence of these typical mills. Although these buildings have a well-defined structure, local creativity is reflected in a variety of architectural details.

The Counterweight Tower in Castilleja de Guzmán once stood on the grounds of the Hacienda de la Divina Pastora, a name sometimes used to refer to the estate owned by the Guzmán family. The estate is situated within the urban area, on the road from Castilleja de Guzmán to Valencina de la Concepción. The buildings are arranged around a courtyard where the oil mill is located. The mill still preserves its press beam and counterweight tower, the olive reception bins and a wine cellar.

This counterweight tower, which stands isolated amidst the buildings, has a rectangular shape and sturdy structure. The rounded roof is ornamented with interesting spherical finials and ceramic urns. This tower is all that remains of the oil mill that belonged to the former estate.


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