Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Torre de Almazara


Five 18th-century counterweight towers used in beam mills to produce olive oil and ancillary buildings. The most beautiful tower is located next to an old rest area on the road that crosses the town. It is today a landscaped area. This architectural element sits inside a building with a curved tile, gabled roof situated in the former Cruz de los Caídos garden. 

  • Avenida de Andalucía - Calle Sol (Jardín Cruz de los Arcabuceros). 
  • Avenida de Andalucía - Calle Primero de Mayo.
  • "Los Molinos Afuera" area. Plaza Los Molinos de Afuera.
  • "Los Molinos Afuera" area. Calle Cruz. 
  • "Los Molinos Afuera". Plaza Los Molinos de Afuera.


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