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Guitarrería Álvarez y Bernal


Master Antonio Bernal was born in 1973 in the Sevillian town of Camas, known for being the land of different artists such as Curro Romero, Paco Camino, Sergio Ramos, Capi... He studied music at the Elementary and Superior Conservatory of Seville in 1991. He worked some time as a gardener in the State Company Expo 92, within the branch of botany. It was a few years later when he opened El Taller, the shop where he began to practice what is now his profession: building, repairing and selling guitars. 

Today he is still learning about working as luthier, since for him "in this profession, one must never stop learning and growing to offer greater quality in the final arts of each guitar". He has studied with great craftsmen and masters, repairing guitars from the most remarkable luthiers in the world and, at the same time, carrying out several studies on the finish of the soundboard. Years later he learned that a series of changes had to be made to the usual elements of the guitar in order to improve its sound. Perfectly knowing the woods, together with the customised study of each client, he manages to make special and unique guitars for each one of them.

The main reason that pushed the Master Antonio Bernal to make guitars as a profession was his passion for music and botany, because when he studied these fields he become fascinated, besides the gratification that has arisen along his career when making a guitar and watching it creating melodies by great artists.

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