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It is a neighbours' courtyard transformed into a space for creative craftsmanship that combines avant-garde with tradition. In this space, some people perform their works on demand, while others devote themselves to selling their creations in this space.

Rompemoldes was born in the year 2012 as a new and different space to what until now was known as the craftsmen's courtyard within the town walls, similar to that of the medieval guilds. Here visitors witness the artisan process of different artistic disciplines, from the design and production to the exhibition and sale of ceramists, potters, wrought iron, wood, paper and glass craftsmen, sculptors, luthiers, restorers of works of art, architects, landscapers and designers, all sharing the same space of a creative and stimulating atmosphere capable of seducing tourists and locals. Moreover, this coexistence generates synergies, which have already given rise to remarkable results.

This initiative came from the Regional Board of Andalusia for the purpose of promoting artistic creation in the town and has gradually become a kind of small district where a wide variety of objects can be found.

In addition to the culture inherent in the artistic activity they perform, the space has become a flagship programmer of cultural activities that includes monologues, storytelling, poetry, live music, theatre and an endless number of activities open to the public that have attracted the attention of residents and tourists interested in enjoying alternative cultural proposals in the town.

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