Art, feeling and tradition

Tablao flamenco "La Cantaora"


They present us with the Roots and Black Sounds of Flamenco, which sound like purity, extravagance, class, temperance and gypsy way of life.

It has a capacity of 50 people.

It has unique accessibility, both at the establishment level and in terms of location.

It has all the accessibility requirements for the premises so that all the audience can enjoy a unique experience in our flamenco venue: access, bathrooms, tables. There is professional sign language interpreter available for groups of hearing impaired people, who will only have to let them know two days in advance.

There are taxi, tram and bus stops nearby. There is a public car park just 50 metres away.

It is a fully-equipped venue, as it is completely soundproofed and air-conditioned, acquiring the right temperature to be comfortable in each season. In addition, it has perfect acoustics, offering a surround sound in its flamenco shows, giving rise to a magical atmosphere.

The decoration of the flamenco venue is like the old Café Cantantes (singing cafés) typical of Seville, taking us back to that era, making it an exclusive and intimate space.


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