Écija Palacio Peñaflor

Seville enchants

From a very young age, this artist showed great interest and skill in the world of sculpture, until he became the renowned sculptor he is today.

Ramón León Jewellery Shop
Heir to the founder of the goldsmith's shop, Ramón León, he began working as an apprentice at the age of 10. At the beginning of the 1980s he became independent and set up his workshop in Triana, starting his work as a solo silversmith.

Master Antonio Bernal was born in 1973 in the Sevillian town of Camas, known for being the land of different artists such as Curro Romero, Paco Camino, Sergio Ramos, Capi... He studied music at the Elementary and Superior Conservatory of Seville in 1991. He worked some time as a gardener in the State Company Expo 92, within the branch of botany.

It is a neighbours' courtyard transformed into a space for creative craftsmanship that combines avant-garde with tradition. In this space, some people perform their works on demand, while others devote themselves to selling their creations in this space.

Since its foundation in 1925, this family-owned company –now in its third generation– has specialised in the manufacture of hand-made carpets and tapestries, mainly, using Turkish and Spanish knots. The company’s track record and outstanding work over more than 90 years have made it possible to sell its products throughout Spain and across the world.

The visitor will be able to see a magnificent exhibition of the most emblematic handcrafted pieces. Works of ceramics, handcrafted furniture and lutherie, characterised by the construction of guitars.

The workshop consists of auxiliary craftworkers led by a monitor who coordinates all the tasks involved in the process of making the mosaic. With the learning of this technique, it is possible to obtain mosaics that are very similar to those made by the Romans.