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El Pandero Park


The park is located in a municipally-owned farm with the same name, on the northernmost foothills of the Aljarafe Cornice the Aljarafe. The most outstanding feature of this green area is semi-free-ranging farm animals that captivate the youngest visitors. They often come to feed the animals, having become part of a local tradition. It also has a large barbecue area in the section closest to the cornice and a few well-preserved remains of a 16th-century Romanesque aqueduct. Near the aqueduct is a garden with a large variety of aromatic plants that make for an enjoyable and educational stroll.

Great emphasis was placed on restoring elements such as water mines, springs, pools, a waterwheel and the aqueduct itself. Part of the garden market, located between the waterwheel and the remains of the farmhouse, has been preserved. The plant species of landscape interest have been maintained, while the orange trees have been replaced with native species, trees and bushes, bringing greater attention and diversity to this space.

The Pandero Park is an opportunity to enjoy nature inside the town and just a few kilometres from the capital. Nature, history and leisure come together in this carefully tended park so that families and visitors can admire it in all its splendour.

Recreation spaces

Aromatic plants, native tree, and shrub species.


Semi-free-ranging farm animals.


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