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Gelves, an orchard on the banks of the Guadalquivir River

The Sevillian town of Gelves stands on the banks of the Big River of Andalusia. A privileged spot with age-old springs, which led the Romans to call it Vergentum (orchard). Located just a few kilometres from Seville and surrounded by nature, it is an ideal town to enjoy an unforgettable getaway. 

This paradise between Aljarafe and Doñana now has the best freshwater winter port in southern Europe, Puerto Gelves. Hop on a catamaran and fall in love with the magical sunsets over the Guadalquivir. Unique moments that have also inspired poets and writers, including Camilo José Cela himself. This land also saw the birth of the famous bullfighter Joselito El Gallo, commemorated with a statue in his honour. 

The rich cuisine of Gelves is on display every autumn at the festival Feria Río y Sabor. The albur (flathead grey mullet) is one of its speciality dishes. You can also sample the cascote, a traditional bean with rice stew, and ajo molinero, made with local oranges. 

Come and awaken your senses in Gelves, Guadalquivir’s garden. 

Getting to Gelves

If you go by car from Seville, take the SE-30 ring road and then take exit 15-A to San Juan de Aznalfarache. Continue along the A-8058 road until your destination. 

By train, take Metro line 1 in Seville and get off at the San Juan Bajo stop. From here, you can take a taxi or the M-140 intercity bus that goes through Gelves. 

By bus from Seville, take the M-140, M-141 or M-143 line that stop at Gelves. 

Getting around

Its small historic centre makes this town ideal for a walk. You can also enjoy boat trips along the Guadalquivir from Puerto Gelves. Another option is hiking in nature or mountain biking. 

Reasons to visit

  • Enjoy picture-perfect sunsets while you take a boat trip along the Guadalquivir. 
  • In autumn, you can go to the Feria Rio y Sabor food festival to savour Gelves’ exquisite cuisine.
  • Immerse yourself in nature at Los Manantiales Park, named for the springs sourced from groundwater.
  • If you like crafts, go to the Della Robbia School to admire the works in clay, ceramics and woodwork by its students.
  • Spend a day in the countryside at El Pandero Park and admire the animals that freely roam there. 
  • Taste the albur in a Puerto Gelves restaurant, while admiring beautiful views of the Guadalquivir.
  • Hike through El Cañuelo Park where you will find the remains of an old water mine.
  • Dare to taste the town’s famous Agua de Gelves cocktail and discover its intense flavour.

What to see 

In addition to its beautiful landscape, dominated by the Guadalquivir, Gelves will captivate you with its magical natural parks. Water is also the main attraction here. Indeed, the history of this town is linked to the springs that burst from the ground. But first of all, go to the city centre, and more specifically, to Calle La Fuente, where you can admire the fountain that supplied water to the population for centuries. Legend has it that its water had healing powers. It is now part of the historical heritage of Gelves. 

Nearby stands the Nuestra Señora de Gracia Parish Church, the most important building in this town. Of baroque style, it is dedicated to the Patron Saint of Gelves. The festivities in her honour take place at the end of August, which includes a parade that is eagerly awaited. The air fills with the scent of tuberose, offered to the Blessed Mother by the faithful with much affection. 

Just three minutes away from the church, you can relax in Plaza Joselito El Gallo, where the people of Gelves pay tribute to their great bullfighter. After having a rest, the route continues through green areas within the town. For example, you will find the remains of an old water mine, with an impressive façade at El Cañuelo Park. You can also see animals freely roaming through the area. 

El Pandero is another park you shouldn’t miss. It has a barbecue area to enjoy an outdoor meal. You can also go for a walk and discover some Roman remains integrated with nature. Among these is a small, well-preserved aqueduct. Finally, there is also the Los Manantiales Park, where water is also an attraction. Enjoy its ditches, ponds and canals, and the beauty of the natural setting. Perhaps, this was the place that inspired the Romans to call it Vergentum.

To complete your visit, relax in front of the river at Puerto Gelves while sampling cascote or ajo molinero, two culinary delicacies of this charming town. 

Places to visit

  1. Nuestra Señora de Gracia Parish Church
  2. Joselito Monument
  3. Algarrobo Fountain
  4. Cañuelo Park
  5. Pandero Park
  6. Los Manantiales Park
  7. Metropolitan Green Corridor


Gelves is located only 9 kilometres from Seville, in a privileged location, by the Guadalquivir River and at the edge of the Aljarafe. This has allowed Gelves to have a winter marina with 150 berths. Green areas and springs also abound. 

8.20 Km²
5.00 m
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