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Military Museum


The museum is located in the Plaza de España. The access to it is located in the inner gallery of the square, between the Puerta de Aragón and the Torre Norte. It has obtained a large part of the collection of the old Maestranza de Artillería in Seville, the 1897 Memorial of which refers to a "model room", which has been considered the seed of the first artillery museum in Seville.

Over time, these collections have increased, adding to the collections of the Maestranza, those from the Military Pyrotechnics and its apprentice schools, from the Royal Artillery Factory, as well as those from dissolved military units, belonging mainly to the Plaza de Sevilla.

The Museum was inaugurated on 18 December 1992 and remodelled in 2000 to provide it with the facilities that can be visited today. The reform has made it possible to recover the original architectural idea of the creator of the Plaza de España complex, Aníbal González.

Provided with an exhibition area of 2,036 m2, the Museum is made up of seven rooms, in which most of the approximately 4,000 collections are on display. These are of a very varied typology, including Industrial Archaeology, warlike ingenuity, History, Art and industrial development, as well as those that recall Seville's relationship with the Army. 



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